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ARK Business Solutions was the best decision we made in 2016.  Their services transformed our marketing and immediately relieved the stress of marketing project management.  As a small business owner of several businesses, I can’t describe the relief I felt within WEEKS of having them work with our team.  There’s no hand-holding necessary with these guys!  They are forward thinking, consistent, and effective.

Kayla Fisher

CEO, Green Light Restaurants

Logo and Branding

We believe that a strong and compelling brand is essential. A brand is your most valuable asset. Used correctly, it is the simplest way to communicate to your customers and audience that trusted experts are enhancing their business with the latest advances in your company’s area of expertise.

See the evolution of our logo over the course of 6 years!

Print Materials

By allowing us to design your marketing pieces, this further ensures a consistent brand and creates brand awareness. We’ve got vendors across the United States to make sure that your products are printed and delivered in a timely manner, while meeting our standards of quality. We thoroughly check the orders to ensure you are getting the best solution for the budget you need to work with.

Website Design & Development

We will provide you with a fresh new web design that is easy to navigate and provides useful information to both current and potential customers. The design will integrate the company color palette so it will maintain a familiar look to current customers, but will at the same time show them that you are improving your web presence in order to serve them better, including an auto-responsive platform to be visible on all devices.

Social Media

Social media marketing is an art form, and with the right solutions, businesses can greatly benefit from it. We’re here to make sure that what you’re posting matches the brand that you’ve worked so hard to protect. Let us post your email marketing pieces or the graphic that talks about your new campaign. Keep your social media consistent to make your brand recognizable.

Email Marketing

When a customer gives you an email address, they are inviting you to reach them through email. This is a resource that usually goes un-tapped. We help create a 12-month marketing plan, with timed out newsletters to reach both current and potential customers. We also provide management of email marketing systems.


Search Engine Optimization

Over time SEO is by far the most effective way of making sure you get regular, consistent traffic to your website. While SEO can be very easy to explain, it is a very complex and time consuming process to execute. We help improve the rankings and positions of  your site’s pages in selected search engines and report results on an ongoing and timely basis.

Traditional Marketing

We are a full-service, affordable marketing solution. We understand that marketing’s ultimate function is to drive revenue and everything we do is designed to meet that objective. If billboards, TV or radio are your company’s way of reaching your market – we want to help! We know the lingo and can be that liaison and advocate for you when dealing with traditional marketing service providers.

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